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Lappset Group Ltd is a financially stable Finnish business, which has the second highest AA credit rating. On this page you can browse our financial reports.


Business ID and e-invoicing address

Please look after the environment and send us your bills electronically!

Lappset Group Ltd’s e-invoicing operator is Pagero Oy, whose operator ID is 003723609900 or PAGERO.

Business ID: 9126694-6
E-invoicing address: 003791266946

If you are unable to produce e-invoices, you can use our billing portal. Lappset Group Ltd has a billing portal provided by Pagero Oy. Instructions for logging in and using the service as well as contact details can be found at The portal can be used to produce invoices free of charge, and the project code is FreePortal_Lappset.

For more information about submitting e-invoices and saving the e-invoicing address in your system, contact your own e-invoicing operator’s customer service, your bank or your accountant. The routing of e-invoices between different operators is described on the Finnish Information Society Development Centre’s website at 

Our accounts department is happy to provide more information. Contact us!

Financial report
57.1 MEURConsolidated turnover 2020
43.6 %Equity ratio 2020
-0.7 MEUROperating profit 2020

Lappset’s financial result dropped in 2020 due to the coronavirus

The markets for playground and sports park equipment and theme parks were experiencing strong growth in the beginning of 2020, until the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic became evident in the sector. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, turnover and profits for the Lappset Group fell. The consolidated turnover for the Group was 57.1 million euros when the 2020 financial year came to a close, while same figure for 2019 reached 73 million euros. Profit became a loss, while two years ago there was a distinct profit of 3.9 million euros.

The global situation caused by the coronavirus quashed commercial operations that were experiencing outstanding growth 

In practice, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the business of theme parks almost entirely all around the world. International business suffered during the coronavirus year in a few large nations we export to, especially Russia, to which exports fell significantly. However, in the Nordic countries, the impact of the pandemic on turnover was clearly less significant.

“Compared to the previous year, the Group’s turnover decreased by 22%. The Nordic Business Division reached the previous year’s level, but the international business sub-sector and Lappset Creative, responsible for theme parks, experienced decline. Savings measures were not able to compensate for the loss of sales margins, which resulted in a sharp decrease in operating profit”, tells Managing Director Tero Ylinenpää.

Despite the global coronavirus situation, Lappset managed to maintain a high security of supply thanks to the rapid and early preparation of raw materials and components procurement.

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